Applying for Settled Status


Courtesy of Settled, an independent charity to provide information and guidance for vulnerable EU citizens.


The Government’s Settled Status Scheme started during March 2019. EU citizens who need to, must apply by the end of  June 2021. If EU citizens do not have a legal basis to remain in the UK after Brexit, they will become unlawful residents and face problems with, for example,  applying for jobs, accessing the NHS and renting homes. EU citizens who already have Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) do not need to apply for settled status, although they may want to in order to gain Withdrawal Agreement rights (such as family reunion rights, and the ability to leave the UK for 5 years rather than 2 before losing status).


This information is designed to offer you some simple help but you should consider legal advice if you find the process difficult.



Key questions and issues:

  • Am I eligible?

The Settled Status Scheme is open to certain people from:

  1. the 27 EU countries excluding the UK

  2. the 3 EEA EFTA states - Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

  3. Switzerland


You may also be eligible if you come from another country, for example if you are a family member of an EU citizen living in the UK .


  • I have a criminal record


See this helpful one-page summary from the charity Unlock. It contains links to more detailed information.

  • My English is not good enough to understand the application

the3million works with the Greater London Authority to provide simple information in 23 European languages about the Settled Status Scheme.


You can access this multilingual information at :



  • What do I need to successfully apply?

  1. A valid ID document (a passport or an ID card) – your ID document must not have expired. If you haven’t got a valid ID document, or cannot get hold of it, you should contact your consulate urgently to get a new one. You may also need to seek legal advice. 

  2. Proof of residence (see the list on the PDF document below or check the Government website here)



  • I am not computer literate or I don’t have access to a smartphone or a computer


The Government is offering a range of services including scanning in a selection of libraries via their partner We Are Digital. Contact We Are Digital if you need Assisted Digital support. Phone: 03333 445 675. Text message: text the word “VISA” to 07537 416 944. Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 4pm"


Your local Citizens' Advice Bureau might also be able to help you. Find out more at



  • I’ve lived in the UK for less than five years


Settled Status requires a continuous five years residence in the UK.


If you have lived in the UK for less than five years or had breaks of over 6 months, you may only get pre-settled status. Pre-settled status will be valid until you reach a period of 5 years of continuous residence when you will be eligible to apply for Settled Status.

  • Useful links:


Citizens' Advice on preparing your application:


EU Citizens Hub by the London Mayor (information provided by the3million; relevant to EU citizens across the UK):


Free advice for vulnerable EU citizens with Here for Good:


Apply to Settled Status (Official Government page): to the Settled Status



The information above was updated on 6 September 2019.

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