Do you remember this #citizensrights promise? We do!


During the 2016 referendum campaign, Boris Johnson promised that our citizens’ rights will be automatically granted. This promise has been betrayed, but things can still change. A first step is writing to your MP this summer (please read on, a letter/email template is provided at the end). 


Why is this important?


Brexit is a massive unprecedented betrayal for both British citizens living in the EU and EU citizens living in the UK. During the 2016 referendum campaign, Mr Johnson promised that the rights of EU citizens would be fully guaranteed and protected. This promise has been betrayed by the “unsettled status” scheme which requires people to apply to stay in their homes. 


No scheme in the world has ever managed to inform 100% of its target audience – there could be hundreds of thousands of people who will fail to apply by the deadline through no fault of their own and become illegal overnight. The 2016 promise “there will be no change for EU citizens” could soon become “Windrush on steroids”.


What can I do?


The promises made by the Prime Minister have been broken and we need your help. Please write to your MP over the summer and ask for those promises to be fulfilled, and follow-up with a phone call to their constituency office if you can. It does not matter how your MP stands on Brexit - the majority of British citizens and MPs agree that our rights should be protected. MPs have the power to do this by guaranteeing our rights in law. 


The UK Parliament has closed for the summer, but MPs will still check their mailboxes. So why not tell them about your story? You can remind them that even in his leadership campaign Boris Johnson signalled that ensuring EU nationals’ rights were ‘entrenched’ was the first thing on his agenda. It is time to ask your MP to push for EU citizens’ rights to be enshrined in primary legislation. Only this way we can rest assured these rights are there not only for the short-term but also legally enforceable under the current and future governments.

How do I write to my MP?


An easy way to send a letter to your MP is through the website If you are looking for inspiration on what to write, we created a template - but you are free to change whatever you want to suit your situation and tone. The more personal, the better:


P.S. If you have extra time after you write to your MP, you can also remind directly Boris Johnson, Priti Patel and Michael Gove about their #BrokenPromise. We created a postcard template, which you can easily print after downloading it from this link:

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