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Help the3million protect EU citizens’ rights and fight discrimination

Will you support our Christmas appeal?


We, the nearly 5 million EU, EEA, Swiss citizens and our family members from around the world currently living in the UK, are at risk of discrimination for decades to come because our rights are in danger of being eroded by Brexit. 


the3million is the leading organisation representing EU citizens and their families and we are asking for your help and your support this Christmas to fund a dedicated yet small legal team.

We have already challenged the Government on #DeniedMyVote and the immigration exemption to the Data Protection Act, but sadly, we know many more legal challenges will be needed to protect our lives in the future.

Luke Piper, our legal counsel, said: "Governments need to be held to account. This is vital in today’s times. The UK’s leaving the EU will see a reshaping of people’s rights in this country and we need to do what we can to make sure it is done lawfully."


Though our Christmas appeal, you can give people hope that the Home Office will not be allowed to be out of control and create another 'Windrush on steroids' without being challenged in court by the3million.

Thank you in advance for considering pledging

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Nicolas Hatton is a founder member of the3million

"We are fighting for your rights - every day across Europe"

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