Meet the team

These are some of the wonderful people who make up the3million,

whether as paid core campaigners or volunteer activists


There are many more who give us their time and expertise when they can


Nicolas Hatton

CEO of the3million


Woke up on the 24th June 2016 and immediately decided he needed to do something - so founded the3million in a pub 

Maike Bohn


Co-founder of the3million


In charge of media and much else besides 

Luke Piper

Joined the3million in 2017

Immigration lawyer and head of policy & advocacy 

Ilse Mogensen

Joined the3million early 2017

Advocacy & citizens rights campaigner

Dimitri Scarlato

Joined the3million late 2016

Advocacy and voting rights campaigner 

Alexandra Bulat

Joined the3million in 2017

Research, and Head of Young Europeans 

Kuba Jablonowski

Part of the3million from the start

Researcher and all things data 

Monique Hawkins

Joined the3million early 2017

Helps in policy & advocacy, Dutch dual nationality campaigner 

Katia Widlak

Part of the3million from the start

Trade union organiser, board member 

Christophe Gaspard

Founding member of the3million

Community manager for the Forum for EU citizens in the UK  

Axel Antoni

Joined the3million late 2016

Social media guru 

Hedwig Hegtermans

Joined the3million 2017

Activist, Dutch dual nationality campaigner 

Nicole Wevers

Joined the3million early 2017

Events organiser, Dutch dual nationality campaigner 

Stijn Smismans

Joined the3million 2017

Advisor to the3million and Professor of European Law 

We are very grateful for their talent and unwavering support

If you are interested in joining us as a core volunteer, especially in outreach,

please email info[at]

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