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Do EU family members who already have a residence card under EU regulations need to replace this card or will this card be valid until it expires?

EEA residence cards stay valid until their expiry date if you have settled or pre-settled status. (See

Family members - both EU and non-EU - of relevant EEA citizens must apply to the EU Settlement Scheme even if they already hold an EU residence card. This is because the EU residence card was issued under EU free movement law which has now ended. The family member with the EU residence card had until 30 June 2021 to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to be granted either pre-settled or settled status. Even if the EU residence card states that it does not expire until after 30 June 2021, they  needed to have appled to the EU Settlement Scheme by this deadline.

EU family members will not receive a replacement residence card when they apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. Non-EU family members will not get a replacement residence card if their EU residence card is still valid.

However, they can apply to upgrade their residence card issued under the EEA regulations to a residence card issued under the EU Settlement Scheme. More information here: