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Will children born to parents with pre/settled status have to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme as well?

Children are not automatically given status under the EU Settlement Scheme just because their parents have status themselves. This means that children are required to make an application to the EU Settlement Scheme (or a parent must apply on their behalf), for the child to be granted status. You need to apply within three months of when they were born or adopted (or before 30 June 2021 whichever is the later date).

It may be useful for you to watch this video to see how you can link a child's application to the parent's. The child will get the same status as the parent if you link the applications:

However, there will be some cases where a child does not need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme because they are born a British citizen. Unfortunately, it is not straightforward to know when a child is exempted from applying as this will depend on where the child is born (the UK or overseas), as well as the status of the parents (whether they have pre-settled or settled status) at the time the child was born. If you are not sure, follow this link for more information:

For information on whether your child may be British, we recommend reading the information on the PRCBC website (,in particular this useful infographic: