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I have been asked to provide a share code to prove my (pre-)settled status. How do I do this?

Firstly, you will need to sign into the View and Prove service - see this FAQ if you need more details.

Once you are logged in and can see your status, scroll down click ‘prove your status’.

You will then need to choose the reason why you are sharing your information, so that the person or organisation checking your status sees the correct information.

The option you choose will determine what information is shared, it is therefore important you choose the right option.

When you have provided all the information required, you will be presented with a share code which will be valid for 90 days. You will need to provide this share code, along with your date of birth, to the person or organisation with whom you wish to share your information.

See the Government’s guidance document for full details at

If you have any problems, see this FAQ