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I have (pre-)settled status and am worried about travel across the UK border. Will I need to create a share code to show to immigration officials?

When crossing the UK border, you can continue to use the eGates if traveling with a biometric passport. You might be asked about the reason for traveling to the UK.

Those with  (pre-)settled status will not routinely need to prove their status. Border Force staff can check whether you have status or have applied to the EU Settlement Scheme by using your travel document if it is linked to your status, or conducting further checks if you travel on an alternative document.

However, it is recommended that citizens carry with them evidence of their successful grant of status (for example the decision letter, and a screenshot of their entry on the 'View and Prove' service.) It is also recommended to generate a share code in advance (choose ‘something else’ when asked for the reason for sharing your status) and carrying that with you on a piece of paper.

To prevent unnecessary delays at the border, it is important to ensure the document you travel on is registered to your account, which you can do by updating your details if you intend to travel on a different document (for example a new passport). You can have more than one travel document linked to your (pre-)settled status.

For more details see the section on ‘Travelling in and out of the UK’ in the Home Office guidance at

NOTE: If you are a non-EU citizen, you will need to have a valid biometric residence card, family permit or travel permit in order to board a carrier when returning to the UK - see for more detail.