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I am trying to log in to View & Prove to see my status but I get an error.

For details on how to view or prove your status, see If you are unable to view your status, or receive an error code, please report it to us at

Some common issues and workarounds we have seen are:

  • Using the wrong id number. Some National Identity cards have two numbers on them - and only one of them will work to log in to View & Prove. For example, Spanish ID cards have a DNI number and a ‘Num Soport’ number. Although Spanish citizens will consider the DNI to be their national identity card number, they should use the ‘Num Soport’ to log in to View & Prove, as this is the number that will have been read by the EU Settlement Scheme application. This is also the reason why, on expiry, a new identity card - with a new Num Soport - should be linked to your EU Settlement Scheme status even though the DNI number will not have changed.

  • Similarly, citizens logging into View & Prove with a Portuguese National Identity card might find that they cannot log in with just their ID number. They need to also include the four characters that are shown between their ID number and the expiry date, which together make up the Document number.

  • Error messages such as ‘you are already logged on’. Sometimes using a different browser can help.

  • If you no longer have access to the mobile telephone number, or the email address linked to your status, then you will have to ring the EU Settlement Scheme Resolution Centre in order to get them to change your telephone number and email address.