I have pre-settled / settled status. Will I be able to use an EHIC card when I visit other EU countries?

Yes, you and your family members (of any nationality including British), will be entitled to use an EHIC card since you are covered by the Withdrawal Agreement.

A form of continuing reciprocal healthcare has been agreed with the EU. Current EHIC cards will remain valid until their expiry date. Those covered by the Withdrawal Agreement (and their families) will be able to apply for a new EHIC card. Whereas others will be able to apply for a GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card) when their current EHIC cards expire.

For more details, and to apply for an EHIC or GHIC, see here.

If you are traveling, and you need treatment but have been unable to obtain an EHIC or GHIC card, you can contact Overseas Healthcare Services.

The Government has published staff guidance which gives helpful examples of EHIC entitlement.