Can I add multiple identification documents or passports to my online proof of settled or pre-settled status?

Yes. You can update your online account to include more than one identification document or passport. You might want to do this if you have more than one passport, or if you have both a passport and a national identity card, and you want the flexibility to travel with either.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When a user adds an additional identity document to their UVKI account, this automatically becomes their sign in document and only that document can be used to sign in. Any documents that have been registered to the account can be used for the purposes of travel, but users can’t currently see those previously registered documents in their account.

Where a user adds a document, the old document (or documents, if more than one was previously added) will still be registered to their account, even if it is no longer their sign in document or visible within the account.

The Home Office say that they are currently working through improvements to the UKVI account to make it easier for users to add, view and manage multiple identity documents.