My non-EU partner has been told they need a visa to travel with me to the EU, even though they have settled status and a biometric card. That can’t be right can it?

Unfortunately, EEA Residence cards issued by the UK to non-EU family members of EU citizens are no longer valid. Since the UK left the EU, free movement rights no longer apply to the UK, and the EU does not accept these cards for travel anymore.

The new biometric residence cards issued to non-EU family members under the EU Settlement Scheme are proof of a UK immigration status. These cards are also not recognised for travel to the EU (though they are of course recognised for travel to the UK - being proof of UK immigration status).

Therefore if your partner is from a country that is a ‘visa-required’ nationality, unfortunately they will need a visa.

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NOTE:  This was confirmed to us in a letter from the European Commission (see . the3million considers this loss of travel rights unfair, and advocated for the EU to change this (see, and paragraph 2.2 of Unfortunately this has not resulted in a change of policy.