What is the situation on pensioners’ rights in the UK? Do you lose access to your pension because of absences?

Part Two of the Withdrawal Agreement is all about citizens’ rights, and it is divided into different ‘Titles’. 

Title II covers residence rights and conditions that the EU Settlement Scheme must comply with. 

Title III is about social security coordination, and this includes pension rights, healthcare and social security rights. 

Title III covers a wider range of people than Title II, as it includes citizens who are in a situation involving both the UK and one or more EU member states, whether now or in the past. Even if you have settled status now, and then leave the UK to go and live in an EU country for more than five years, you will still have UK pension rights protected. 

This is a complex area - the European Commission Guidance Note provides examples of how people are covered.

The Government has also published staff guidance which gives many helpful examples.