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Proving your status under the EU Settlement Scheme

EU Settlement Scheme FAQs - Disclaimer

These answers are for guidance only. Please consult official sources and seek legal advice to discuss personal circumstances. The3million is not OISC accredited and is unable to advise on personal circumstances.

See here for more detail and some useful contacts.

If you want to learn more about the Settlement Scheme, the difference between Pre-Settled and Settled Status and your rights under this Scheme, please consult this document.

Other resources

Useful resources:

Immigration Assistance:

  • EU Settlement Resolution Centre - Webform: or call 0300 123 7379 between Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays), 8am to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday, 9:30am to 4:30pm (See call charges)

  • UKVI Resolution Centre Call  0300 790 6268 or from outside the UK: +44 (0)203 875 4669 Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays), 8am to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday, 9:30am to 4:30pm (See call charges)

  • Postcode finder - to find closest charity / voluntary organisation

  • Charity / community organisations - the Home Office has funded charity / voluntary organisations to assist vulnerable applicants with their EUSS applications for free, search on:

  • Identity Scanning Locations - search here for a list of Local Authority locations. (Note that some may still be closed due to COVID-19 so if you can’t use your mobile devices to scan your documents, you may need to send your Identity documents by post)

  • Assisted Digital Service - call 03333 445 675 or text “VISA” to 07537 416 944

  • Settled is a charity providing free immigration advice to EU citizens. You can contact them here:

  • Here for Good, free advice for vulnerable EU citizens, see

  • There are many organisations and individuals providing advice on citizenship. In the UK, all immigration advice is regulated, so please make sure you go to someone who is qualified to give you advice on this area of law. On the ILPA website, you can find a directory of members to find an immigration advisor near your area:

If I travel, will I face any problems when coming back to the UK? I am outside the UK -  will I be allowed to enter the UK? What are my rights to enter the UK? What documents will I need to show at the border?

The rules around the right to enter the UK are very complex and depend on many different pieces of legislation. Factors such as your nationality, whether you were living in the UK before 31st December 2020, whether you put in an application to the EU Settlement Scheme before the 30th June 2021 deadline or not, all play a part.

See for a comprehensive description of your rights to enter the UK.

Can I add multiple identification documents or passports to my online proof of settled or pre-settled status?

Yes. You can update your online account to include more than one identification document or passport. You might want to do this if you have more than one passport, or if you have both a passport and a national identity card, and you want the flexibility to travel with either.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When a user adds an additional identity document to their UVKI account, this automatically becomes their sign in document and only that document can be used to sign in. Any documents that have been registered to the account can be used for the purposes of travel, but users can’t currently see those previously registered documents in their account.

Where a user adds a document, the old document (or documents, if more than one was previously added) will still be registered to their account, even if it is no longer their sign in document or visible within the account.

The Home Office say that they are currently working through improvements to the UKVI account to make it easier for users to add, view and manage multiple identity documents.


What work is left to advocate for on the EU Settlement Scheme?

Currently, the3million is focussing on campaigning for a legal safety bridge between the end of freedom of movement and the UK’s new immigration system. We are seeking clarification about what will happen to the EU citizens whom the Home Office failed to reach before the deadline. We are campaigning to get physical proof of status. We are also seeking to achieve residence-based voting rights for England and Northern Ireland, just as Scotland and Wales have done. You can read more about our campaign goals here:

As part of our campaign for physical proof of status, we are collecting evidence of problems with digital status. If you have experienced any problems, or know someone else who has, please help us to help everyone by filling in our form at:

I have (pre-)settled status. What happens when my passport expires or I change my details?

Your (pre-) settled status remains valid even if it is linked to an expired passport. If you decide to renew your passport, then you are advised (though this is not mandatory) to update your passport or identity card details on the EU Settlement Scheme website to ensure your current ID is linked to your status. Once you’re logged onto the system to view your status (, you will be able to click ‘update your details’ as well as ‘prove your status’ to someone. You can also go directly to to update your details.

You should update your details when your ID details change, but also if your name or other details, such as email and phone number change. There are similar steps to take online as when you check your status. You go to the website, click ‘start now’, input the details of the ID you used when you did your application, your date of birth, after which the system will send a verification code to your phone or email. It is therefore important that you do not change your phone number and email address at the same time!

After the code is verified, you will be asked which details you need to update. You can update your mobile phone number, email address, name, identity document and address in the UK. You click on which detail you want to update and you can follow the steps to fill in the online form with the new details.

We are aware that many people have reported delays in ID updates taking effect, so that even after the Home Office says their settlement status has been updated, they can still only access their status through their old ID. We therefore wrote to the Home Office about this - you can read the letter here. Their response can be found here. The View & Prove guidance section on Travelling in and out of the UK says “If you have told us of a new document but are still awaiting confirmation that your account has been updated, you should carry your old document as well.”

Is it possible to get physical proof of status?

Not at the moment, this is why the3million is campaigning for physical proof of settled and pre-settled status. Only non-EEA family members receive physical proof of status under the EU Settlement Scheme (although the Government have made clear that they intend to phase this out over time). EU citizens do not receive physical proof. The status is digital, which we argue can lead to more discrimination in the future. You can read more about the3million’s arguments for physical proof of status here:

As part of our campaign for physical proof of status, we are collecting evidence of problems with digital status. If you have experienced any problems, or know someone else who has, please help us to help everyone by filling in our form at:

How do I check my settled or pre-settled status?

You can check your status on this page of the Government’s website.

How do I upgrade a BRC issued under the EEA regulations to a BRC issued under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)?

You can upgrade your BRC here:

For more information, please see the guidance provided by Settled.

I have changed my passport or national identity card. Can I use my new ID to enter the UK?

You need to update your details.

If you are waiting for a decision on pre-Settled or Settled Status, you can amend your contact details using this link:

If you already have either pre-Settled or Settled Status you can view your status, amend your contact details and prove your status using the link below:

See this page for more information:

What will happen to me if the Home Office loses my digital file?

This is a good question and we do not know the answer to this. This is one of the reasons why the3million campaigns for a physical backup for our digital immigration status. 

You can find more information about our campaign at:

If you experience problems with your digital immigration status, please report them here:

Do EU family members who already have a residence card under EU regulations need to replace this card or will this card be valid until it expires?

EEA residence cards stay valid until their expiry date if you have settled or pre-settled status. (See

Family members - both EU and non-EU - of relevant EEA citizens must apply to the EU Settlement Scheme even if they already hold an EU residence card. This is because the EU residence card was issued under EU free movement law which has now ended. The family member with the EU residence card had until 30 June 2021 to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to be granted either pre-settled or settled status. Even if the EU residence card states that it does not expire until after 30 June 2021, they  needed to have appled to the EU Settlement Scheme by this deadline.

EU family members will not receive a replacement residence card when they apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. Non-EU family members will not get a replacement residence card if their EU residence card is still valid.

However, they can apply to upgrade their residence card issued under the EEA regulations to a residence card issued under the EU Settlement Scheme. More information here: