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Rights under the EU Settlement Scheme

EU Settlement Scheme FAQs - Disclaimer

Does pre-settled status automatically convert to settled status?

Can you continue to work in the UK indefinitely with settled status without applying for citizenship?

What are the consequences of not applying for settled or pre-settled status?

How secure is settled status?

What work is left to lobby on the EU Settlement Scheme?

What is the situation on pensioners’ rights in the UK? Do you lose access to your pension because of absences?

I have pre-settled status but cannot return to the UK due to the pandemic. Will this have an impact on my status?

What is the EU Settlement Scheme and what is the difference between settled and pre-settled status?

I have been unable to return to the UK due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions, will I lose my pre-Settled Status?

I have pre-settled status but I have broken my continuous residence. What shall I do?

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