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Other rights under the Withdrawal Agreement

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How secure is settled status?

What work is left to advocate for on the EU Settlement Scheme?

What is the situation on pensioners’ rights in the UK? Do you lose access to your pension because of absences?

What happens with my family reunification rights post-Brexit?

Are voting rights protected as part of the Withdrawal Agreement?

I have pre-settled / settled status. Will I be able to use an EHIC card when I visit other EU countries?

I am a British-EU dual national, will I be able to use an EHIC card when I visit other EU countries?

I have dual British-EU citizenship, so cannot apply for settled status. Am I covered by the Withdrawal Agreement as a dual national?

Would the requirement for employers to pay to hire European citizens apply in case of employees with settled/pre-settled status?

I already have ILR. Do I need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme for settled status?

How can my non-EU family members join me in the UK?

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