the3million’s Young Europeans Network Volunteers Manager is a new role in the organisation, designed to coordinate the Young Europeans Network and manage recruitment, development and training of young European volunteers.

Combining traditional and online volunteer and event organising skills, you will build capacity in the Young Europeans Network towards achieving the Network’s campaign objectives, including our #GlobalBrits campaign on fairer pathways to settlement and citizenship. Our volunteers also work on campaigns on students’ rights which involves producing informative content on access to UK education and advocating for the rights of EU students. The Manager will assist volunteers in developing these campaigns through administrative and research support. 

The Young Europeans Network aims to develop its volunteers to become a new generation of young European community leaders in the UK. The Manager will coordinate this by organising the volunteers’ weekly meetings, researching and inviting speakers whom the volunteers want to hear from, and creating a training programme for volunteers that will be delivered through weekly meetings. A mentoring scheme will also be developed by the Manager to link young volunteers to leaders in different sectors and industries to think about and develop careers in research, policy, charity sector, and politics.

The Young Europeans Network is the youth-wing of the3million and currently consists of a team of 50+ volunteers engaged at different levels working with staff in various positions across the organisation. The Manager will be guided by the work and proposals of volunteers and will help enact the campaigns volunteers wish to develop. The Manager will facilitate the relationship between the young volunteers and the3million staff to coordinate grassroots-led campaigns across the organisation. Read more about Young Europeans

This is a full-time role for 3 years, funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, subject to a probationary period of 6 months.

Main duties and responsibilities

The role involves two overlapping areas: coordinating activities and managing volunteers. 

Coordinating activities:

  1. Plan and organise a varied and stimulating informative Young Europeans Network regular webinar series and in-person events once COVID-19 restrictions allow. So far, our webinar programme has been volunteer-led and monthly, and we aim to professionalise our monthly webinar series to include a diversity of topics for young Europeans in the UK.

  2. Plan and manage the Network’s campaign launch events and other volunteer-led events, including developing relationships with other youth and migrants’ rights organisations in the sector to co-host events targeted at young Europeans.

  3. Collaborate with volunteers to create and launch the Young Europeans’ Hour podcast series which will discuss topics of interest to young migrants in the UK from youth perspectives.

  4. Plan and organise campaign activities on our access to settlement and citizenship campaign, including developing research, producing reports, developing connections with other organisations working on this area, and engaging with MPs. The Manager will facilitate the relationship between volunteers and policy-makers and assist them in developing briefing papers on the matter.

  5. Organise a Young Europeans Network week of online or in-person events every year to celebrate the contributions of young Europeans in the UK and host informative sessions and debate, covering a range of topics affecting young people and young migrants, in particular.

  6. Support volunteers in developing ideas for social media content and activities.


Managing volunteers: 

  1. Recruit new volunteers and on board them into the organisation by providing access to resources and training. Double the number of volunteers from 50 to 100. The Manager will be present to assist and answer volunteers’ questions on engagement with the Young Europeans Network. 

  2. Support the development of the Young Europeans Hub, a digital space including all the resources above and other the3million resources which are helpful to young migrants.

  3. Implement a system of organising the Young Europeans Network’s volunteers’ social media activities.

  4. Monitor and evaluate the impact of Young Europeans Network events and social media.

  5. Design and implement a long-term training programme for the Young Europeans Network volunteers, by collaborating with other organisations to develop training on leadership, engaging with the media, self-care and other topics that are relevant to the Young Europeans Network campaigns. We aim to train at least 15 Young Europeans Network volunteers within the 3 years to be empowered to create Young Europeans local networks.

  6. In the latter part of the role, develop and coordinate newly formed local Young Europeans networks across the UK, which will be led semi-autonomously by young Europeans themselves and will be assisted by the umbrella of the Young Europeans Network.

  7. Develop a mentoring scheme for young volunteers to access leaders in different industries and fields across the private and public sectors.

  8. Produce a monthly short outreach and volunteer impact report.


Working Conditions 

The Young Europeans Volunteers Manager reports to the Chief Executive Officer of the3million and will work closely with an active team of Young European volunteers and staff at the3million. 

Place of work: Home-based role (travel may be required to develop campaigns and local-level volunteer networks when safe and permitted)

Hours: 35 hours a week (Full time role)

Salary:  £32,539.50

Equal Opportunities

the3million is striving to implement its Equal Opportunities Policy. Applications are welcomed from candidates regardless of religion or belief, age, race, sex, marital status, disability or sexual orientation, gender reassignment or pregnancy. 

Person specification


  • Experience of recruiting and coordinating a team of volunteers;

  • Experience working with young people between the ages of 16 and 30;

  • Positive attitude to working and leading large groups of young people and interacting with them on projects;

  • Understanding of safeguarding principles, policies and practices;

  • Proven experience in working on campaigns in the migration sector or political campaigns more broadly;

  • Experience of organising online webinars, as well as organising local-level in person events with a variety of speakers;

  • Good knowledge of using social media platforms for campaigns (in particular, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok);

  • Excellent communication skills, including public speaking at events and chairing events;

  • Ability to work cross-party and collaboratively with organisations in the migration sector, policy-makers to develop campaigns,

  • Ability to work efficiently with consultants to develop campaigns and web resources;

  • Solid writing and text editing skills;

  • Self-sufficient and proactive with good organisational skills;

  • Creativity and openness to adapting to feedback and new ideas;

  • Ability to plan work in a structured way with clear deadlines and expectations and delegate effectively where appropriate;

  • Project-delivery experience to create and manage a mentoring scheme. 


  • Experience in co-creating resources with a group of volunteers;

  • Experience of developing or contributing to podcasts;

  • Experience mentoring young people;

  • Experience managing Zoom webinars with up to 500 guests.

Please apply on LinkedIn using this link:


Posting date: 10 March 2021

Application deadline: Tuesday 6 April 2021 at 10AM

Interview: Either Thursday 8 or Friday 9 April 2021

Start date: 10 May 2021