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the3million was founded immediately after the Brexit referendum. In its early phase, the3million fought to make sure that EU citizens’ rights were top of the political agenda. Together with British in Europe, who represent our friends across the Channel facing our mirrored problems,  we lobbied relentlessly in both Westminster and Brussels.


At every stage of the EU-UK negotiations we advocated and lobbied - supplying position papers backed by lawyers and academics. We had many meetings at all levels of the EU Parliament, Commission, Council, UK Government and many Member State governments.

As the Withdrawal Agreement was finalised, we continued our campaigning to demand ringfencing of citizens’ rights in the case of no deal, and to seek key changes to the EU Settlement Scheme.

Going forward, it is becoming painfully clear that much of our work ahead will lie in legal challenges.

To date, the3million has launched two Judicial Reviews, and has sent a ‘Letter before Claim’ in a potential third which we will tell you about shortly.


Immigration exemption from the Data Protection Bill

The Data Protection Act 2018 contains an immigration exemption clause that creates a two-tier system of data protection rights with lesser rights for immigrations. It has emerged that the Government has used this controversial exemption in response to 60% of its immigration-related data requests.


the3million, together with Open Rights Group,  launched a Judicial Review in August 2018, with your support. The case was heard in July 2019, and was sadly dismissed in October 2019. We immediately made an application to appeal the judgment, using your help, and are currently awaiting permission.


We are not giving up!

#DeniedMyVote – European Elections 2019


On the 23rd May, thousands of EU citizens in the UK and British citizens abroad were denied their vote in the European Elections. Together with British in Europe we immediately started exploring the options for a legal challenge, enabled by your generous financial help.

Having been advised that the3million had a strong case, we raised the funds to take on the fight. Despite many delays in the Government's responses, we are now finally at the point where we have been granted permission to take our #DeniedMyVote test case forward to a firm ruling. We now need to prepare for the full judicial review hearing and we need your support again.

This is not only about the disenfranchisement in that one election. This is to seek the clearest of rulings that discrimination against EU citizens as a group is unlawful. 

Please support us generously.

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