As part of our campaign to protect the existing rights of the 3 million EU citizens living in the UK and the 1.2m British citizens in Europe , the3million and British in Europe will publish before the October round of negotiations an open letter to the British Government and the European Union signed by businesses, public sector organisations, trade unions, universities and charities asking for all existing citizens' rights to be protected for their lifetime.

This comes after a survey of 2,000 EU citizens by consultancy firm KPMG revealed that up to 1 million EU citizens could be leaving the UK after Brexit, reducing the UK's workforce by 3.1%, thus creating a skill gap crisis of unprecedented scale (i).

In order to make the maximum impact, we need as many signatories as possible and we're asking you to contact your employer to ask the Managing Director or CEO to support the non-partisan campaign of the3million and British in Europe to protect the existing rights of EU Citizens in the UK and British Citizens in Europe. Your support is important as it would provide a much needed relief among a general feeling of not feeling welcome anymore. 

If you need more information or if your managing director or CEO requires to speak to someone, please liaise with our campaign coordination Toni at

The deadline for receiving the support or organisation is Monday 16 October 2017 at 6PM.


"We write as a group of businesses, public sector organisations, unions, universities and charities for whom EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in Europe are a valued part of our workforce, membership, leadership and network.


These 4.2 million people make a vital contribution to the public and private sectors as employees, employers, students, and citizens, and they should be treated with dignity and fairness.


We therefore fully support the campaign by the3million and British in Europe to protect all existing citizens’ rights after Brexit.


We ask the British government and European Union to:

  • reach an early agreement on citizens’ rights that is separated from the rest of the negotiations, so people are protected even if there is no deal

  • provide British and EU citizens with certainty that all their existing rights will be fully and permanently guaranteed under international law and jurisdiction

  • ensure that the 1.2 million British citizens living in the EU can continue to move freely across member states

  • implement a free and simple process for all 3 million EU citizens in the UK to certify their acquired residency and related rights.


It is crucial that the British Government and the European Union reach an early agreement to provide citizens with a guarantee that Brexit will not affect their lives negatively, and to ensure that organisations can plan ahead."

(i) Fears of Brexit ‘brain-drain’ grow as 'one million EU nationals consider leaving the UK:

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