The Elections Bill is changing EU citizens’ voting rights.


We call on the UK Government to level up voting rights so that all UK residents can have a say on issues that matter to them in their local communities.

No taxation without representation.

While the Government has protected the voting rights of EU citizens who arrived by 31 December 2020, you might still be excluded if you live in England and Northern Ireland, despite contributing to society in equal measure:

  • If you are from Iceland, Norway or Switzerland, even if you derive your residence rights from the Withdrawal Agreement;

  • If you are a non-EU family member of a person with pre-settled or settled status, creating a two class of citizens living in the same household.

  • If you are an EU citizen who started living in the UK from 2021 onwards. You will only have the right to vote if the UK secures a bilateral agreement with your country of origin. At the moment, this has only been secured with Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Luxembourg.

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Instead of a complex system which will disenfranchise more people from democracy, we are proposing a residence-based voting system to remove all discrimination based on nationality. 


Lord Shipley tabled amendment 155A which, if passed, would allow all those who are liable to pay council tax, no matter where they are from, to vote in local elections.

This amendment would allow UK residents like Juliane or Elise to vote in local elections. Elise is Norwegian and works in local Government but cannot vote to elect her own local councillors. Juliane is Brazilian in London. She pays council tax but has no right to vote.

Join the campaign for the extension of the franchise by writing to members of the House of Lords.

You can find out more about residency based voting rights on www.ourhomeourvote.co.uk

63% of people agree that all residents should have the right to vote in local elections.

How to join the campaign

Write to members of the House of Lords asking them to support amendment 155A 

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You can find contact details for peers in the House of Lords in this list.

We have put together a useful letter example. The most personal you can make your account, the better. Tell peers why you want residence-based voting rights.

Share the campaign

Reach out to your friends and family, share why this is important to you and start a conversation. Share the campaign on social media and encourage others to join. 


Will you lose the right to vote in local elections if the Elections Bill is implemented?

Please share your story with us and let's join together to ensure your voice is heard.