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Hello from the Young Europeans!

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Two years ago, EU citizens were thrown into unpredictable and choppy waters. The 3.7 million of us Europeans living in the UK have received no satisfactory answers to our numerous questions, and no legally-binding guarantees. Conservative and Labour bickering has only heaped more hardship onto our fellow Europeans, while the debate often shifts to nasty and unwelcoming rhetoric.

Younger generations are being shunned and discouraged from building their lives in this country. With so much to offer and everything to lose, it’s time to step up, to contribute and to address our problem in the only way we see fit: by giving a voice to the multiple generations of Young Europeans living within the United Kingdom. It’s therefore with great pleasure that we announce the launch of the Young Europeans, a campaign group for EU citizens under thirty and part of the3million.

The Young Europeans will serve as a home for support, discussion and advocacy. We will be bringing your concerns to decision makers in both the UK and the EU in order to ensure Theresa May’s “generous offer” to EU citizens takes into account the rights of younger citizens as well. The issues facing young EU citizens in the UK are rife: most of us live in rented property and risk being discriminated against. We may fall in love, some of us with another non-Brit, but may find ourselves separated by borders. We might go to university and decide to do a year abroad, but Erasmus may no-longer be available to us. What about wanting to vote locally? Or even something as basic as being able to work here?

We’re not pretending we know the answers (hint: there are no answers), but we will do our best to get them. And that’s why we need your help. Are you under thirty? Tell us about your Brexit concerns here. With your input, we will be able to campaign and raise awareness on your behalf.

Or better yet, get involved yourself: email us at info@the3million.org.uk, stating “Volunteering for Young Europeans” in the subject of your email.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for more updates, events and campaigns from the Young Europeans

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