Taj’s story | “the3million has helped bring my family together”

Taj, a citizen with dual nationality, from Denmark and Pakistan, has tried to bring his niece, who depends on him, to join him in the UK since 2017. The family has now been reunited due to advocacy by the3million.

“It’s very important to me that I’m able to help my niece and her children. They depend on me. I've been supporting them, as my niece and her two daughters are deaf and they were living a life of desperation in Pakistan.

After a long struggle with the Home Office, applying for my niece to join me, I came across the3million. I saw how in response to advocacy by the group, the Minister for Migration updated casework guidance to include that extended family members who would have been issued with an EEA family permit would be eligible to join their loved ones, and apply for the EU Settlement Scheme.

I was really delighted to see the3million had fought for our rights. When we applied, everything went smoothly. We attached letters between the3million and the minister and it all went to plan.

Our experience was incredibly difficult before we had this commitment in writing from the minister. Nobody was hearing us, or picking up the phone, different departments were saying we had no rights for extended family members. Afterwards, things changed dramatically. It was a huge turning point for dependent family members.

My niece and her children now live with me, in the country I’ve called home since 1990. I’m 73 years old, I’m retired and to be able to care for my family is the most important thing for me.

I cannot express in words how helpful the3million and the forum has been. It’s very powerful, it’s brought us together and provided a lifeline for our family. I couldn’t be happier, seeing my niece’s smile return and knowing she, her two little daughters and son have the chance of a bright future.”