EU citizens are feeling the pressure…​ 

Support the pledge and release the pressure!



It has been a very difficult few months for all 3 million EU citizens living in the UK since the Brexit referendum. The feelings of anxiety, loss, rejection and not feeling welcome anymore are widespread in the EU communities.

This is why on 18 October in Westminster the3million launched, together with New Europeans, a pledge asking MPs across all parties to show their moral support. Our rights to remain were guaranteed by all sides during the referendum campaign, so there is absolutely no reason why we should be put in this precarious position.

Please note that the3million is an apolitical organisation which aims to secure the rights of EU citizens in the UK. We also support the campaign 'Fair Deal for Expats' which aims to secure the rights of UK citizens in the rest of the EU.

  How does it work?  

  I am a constituent  

Get involved today in 4 easy steps:

  1. Contact your MP (

  2. Organise to meet your MP or send your MP an email with the pledge as an attachment:

    In the email, ask your MP to print the pledge (A3) and get a picture done with the pledge before sending it to

  3. If your MP has a policy not to support pledges, please ask whether (s)he would be happy to have their name added to our list of supporting MPs.

  4. Forward the pledge picture or the email stating their public support.

  I am an MP  

Dear Sir / Madam,


We are an apolitical organisation created by EU citizens living in the UK and we work to support our communities and preserve our rights.


Your moral support is really important to all EU citizens living and working in your constituency, which is why we are asking you to support the following pledge: 


"I pledge to support the right of EU citizens living in the UK to remain in the UK after Brexit"

How can I support the pledge?

  1. Print the pledge (it's an A3 PDF document)


  2. Get a picture of you with the pledge

  3. Send the picture to

  4. If you wish to tweet it, please add our Twitter handle @the3million

If you do not wish to have your picture taken with the pledge, we would appreciate if you could still support us by accepting to add your name to the list of supporting MPs. It matters a lot to us.


Thank you in advance for your support.

Nicolas Hatton

Chair of the3million



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