"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

Helen Keller




the3million was founded by EU citizens for EU citizens – to fight for the rights of those of us who have made our home in the UK.

In doing so, we are not arguing for special treatment or to have ‘more rights’ than other groups of citizens in the UK. We want to maintain our existing rights, and we believe in levelling up, rather than a race to the bottom.

the3million stands together with all organisations fighting for citizens’ rights in the UK.

We have also stood shoulder to shoulder with our British friends living in the EU, who similarly faced dramatic loss of rights due to Brexit. Many of our publications were written together with British in Europe, and you can find them on our library page.

Below, we share a selection of letters, events and campaigns which were achieved by cooperating with other organisations in the UK.


November 2021

Safe routes, compassion and fairness need to be at the heart of Government's approach to people seeking sanctuary.

the3million was one of 184 signatories to this statement organised by imix.

September 2021

the3million is one of the many signatories of an open letter regarding the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, by Liberty.

August 2021

the3million joined 89 charities and human rights organisations in writing to the Home Secretary, urging a generous and compassionate welcome to Afghan refugees. 

July 2021

the3million joined #TogetherWithRefugees, a coalition of hundreds of organisations, founded by Asylum Matters, British Red Cross, Freedom from Torture, Rainbow Migration, Refugee Action, Refugee Council and Scottish Refugee Council. The coalition believes in showing compassion for people fleeing war and persecution.

June 2021

the3million joined 42 organisations to sign a letter organised by BiD (Bail for Immigration Detainees) and Liberty to call for an end to intrusive GPS monitoring.

May 2021

Together with PRCBC and Amnesty International UK, we wrote a letter to the Home Office about regulations designed to help secure the rights to British citizenship for children born after 1 July to EU citizens in the UK. Whilst we welcome the regulations, we have serious questions about the implication.

February 2021

the3million joined over 230 organisations to call on the Department of Health and Social Care to ensure that everyone can access the coronavirus vaccine, regardless of immigration status, ID or proof of address.

January 2021

the3million joined BiD (Bail for Immigration Detainees) and 73 signatories to send an urgent letter to Priti Patel calling for the release of all detainees from immigration removal centres to prevent a full-scale crisis because of the pandemic.

December 2020

the3million is part of a group of migrants’ rights organisations and privacy advocates who have written to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports, Oliver Dowden, expressing concerns about how the National Data Strategy, in its current form, is likely to impact migrants and refugees.

November 2020

Together with Focus on Labour Exploitation, (FLEX), Doughty Street Chambers and Hope for Justice, Anti-Slavery International and The Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group compiled a letter to ministers urging them to revoke a new policy that will make rough sleeping grounds for removal from the UK.

the3million joined a coalition of 150 charities, trade unions, lawyers and local authorities, to warn that these new rules will have severe consequences for victims of modern slavery – and will put the wider homeless population at significant risk of exploitation.