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We are a group of young Europeans campaigning for migrants’ rights, with a focus on EU citizens in the UK. We are cross-party, but work together for a common cause - protecting the rights of EU citizens in the UK and a positive youth vision for Europe.  We aim to increase youth representation in the UK migration sector and give a platform for youth-led citizens’ rights campaigning.


Currently, we are campaigning on three key themes: EU students’ rights, EU citizens’ access to British citizenship, and EU citizens’ democratic rights (voting and candidacy) in local elections in the UK. We also welcome developing new campaigns together with young Europeans.


We meet weekly over Zoom to develop and deliver on our campaigns as a group. There are many opportunities for you to act on the issues you care about, meet like-minded people, develop your knowledge on immigration policies, and develop your research and campaigning skills. You can be involved as much as you like to, from participating in regular meetings, to joining a meeting to say hello and then continuing the conversation on Discord!


If you identify as a young European and this sounds interesting to you, please read our volunteer network constitution to find out more about how we operate. If you share our vision, please complete our volunteer interest form and the Network’s co-chairs Alexandra Bulat and Lara Parizotto will be in touch to introduce you to the community.

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Our history


The Young Europeans started as a research project led by Alexandra Bulat, involving 13 young European peer researchers who worked on a Citizens’ Led Engagement Programme in London. We also produced a documentary highlighting how young Europeans in London access information on citizens’ rights and what their main concerns are.


This research project resulted in the publication of the Young Europeans Report in May 2020, which provided a series of recommendations on young EU citizens’ access to the EU Settlement Scheme, British citizenship, and political participation.


The Young Europeans’ Volunteer Network was set up in the summer of 2020 to campaign on these recommendations. It also fills a gap in the Migrants’ Rights sector where the voices of young EU citizens, those affected by policy changes, are rarely ever heard.


Whether we are campaigning on social media or producing important research, we always share the same aims:

  • Listening to young Europeans’ voices, in particular, those from underrepresented socioeconomic groups;

  • Doing research-based advocacy and promoting participatory policymaking on young Europeans’ issues;

  • Training, engaging and mentoring a group of young Europeans to become strong voices in their communities.

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The Young Europeans Citizens’ Led Engagement Programme (2019-2020)


The Young Europeans Citizens’ Led Engagement Programme ran between March 2019 and May 2020 and was supported by the Greater London Authority (GLA). This research project is about young Europeans and was carried out by young Europeans from the design stage to dissemination. 


We asked two key questions. First, what are young Europeans’ concerns regarding their rights in the UK? Second, how can young Europeans become more engaged in their communities and have a voice in policymaking?


Research-based advocacy


Young Europeans are interested in policy changes that improve the rights and representation of this particular group, but also of all migrants in the UK. The project works on the principle that advocacy is most effective when driven by community research. It promotes a culture of listening to (in particular underrepresented groups), rather than speaking about migrants.


Young Europeans peer researchers conducted 20 focus groups in London with 11 European nationalities who were identified by City Hall to be less represented in policymaking. We focused on socio-economic groups who are less heard in public debates: those in pre-university education, in lower-paid jobs and young migrants with caring responsibilities. 


The research explores three main themes: settlement (with a focus on knowledge and experiences of the EU Settlement Scheme), access to citizenship and political participation. The research findings were launched via an online event on 20 May 2020. 


The report and the briefing paper with its recommendations were discussed by panellists involving representatives from the youth and migration sectors such as British Future, My Life My Say, Polish Migrants Organise for Change (POMOC) and We Belong, as well as experts from the Migration Observatory and some of the Young Europeans peer researchers and the Greater London Authority (GLA).

Photo: Alexandra and peer researchers Asia, Anaïs and David planning a focus group, 2019.


Participatory policymaking


Alongside research-based advocacy, Young Europeans are particularly interested in participatory policymaking. We believe that people affected by particular policies should have a say in the policymaking process. Before we even started the Citizens’ Led research project, we ran a series of focus groups listening to young people and exploring their own understanding of settlement, citizenship, political engagement and other aspects that concerned them in the Brexit context.


One of the key findings of the Young Europeans research report was that the young people consulted felt unrepresented or underrepresented in politics in the UK - both as young people and as migrants. It is crucial that EU citizens preserve their current political rights (voting and candidacy rights). However, we also need to increase our collective efforts in raising awareness about the role of politics and political institutions in everyday life and how migrants can get involved in their local communities.

Photo: Young Europeans informal exploratory focus group exercise, 2019.


Young Europeans documentary


Alongside the focus group research, the Young Europeans also filmed and produced a short documentary highlighting some of the concerns of young European Londoners.


The documentary, based on interviews with young Europeans, local councillors and representatives from the youth and migration sector, shows the patchy access to information on citizens’ rights and the risk of young Europeans missing out on their rights after Brexit.


Watch the documentary here (YouTube)

Photo: Young Europeans Documentary, 2019.



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