Are you a young EU citizen or migrant?

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We are a network of passionate young EU citizens and migrants advocating and campaigning for our rights.


We organise around issues affecting us and use our lived experience to drive change we need.

Most EU citizens and migrants come to the UK to work or study when young; some also arrive to join their families, or for a number of other reasons. And some were born in the UK from parents who migrated to the UK.


We rarely hear the voices of Young EU citizens and migrants in the media and political debates about migration, democracy and societal debates.


We are here to fill that gap by campaigning on issues that matter, including voting rights, students’ rights, and access to citizenship.  

In March 2022, we will launch a new programme called Our Home Our Vote ambassadors and we are currently recruiting volunteers across 10 different locations in the UK.


Check the programme and join the Young Europeans Network using the link in this Google document.

Our campaigns


We campaign for the path to British citizenship to become more affordable and accessible to young migrants who wish to become British citizens.

At the moment, barriers such as legal complexity, cost, and lack of information prevent young people from becoming British citizens.

We want to use our voices to change that.


The UK is the home of many young Europeans. It is important to make our voices heard and be active citizens. 


We campaign to inform EU citizens about their voting rights and campaign to maintain and expand voting rights to migrants in the UK.

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EU Students

We wish to preserve the rights of EU citizens to study in the UK and of British nationals to study in the EU. 


We inform EU students in the UK about their rights through informative and accessible materials.

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Your campaigns

We are always ready to campaign on the issues affecting our young members. We add our voices to the issue of physical proof of settled status, we challenge stereotypes, inform migrants on workers’ rights, and more.


We care about the future of Europe as a whole, and want to be involved in making sure that future is as good for everyone as it possibly can be.


If there is something YOU are passionate about, there is a space for you in our Network. You can propose new campaigns for us to work on and help develop them together.


Whether we are campaigning on social media or producing important research briefings, we always share the same aims: 

  • Listening to young Europeans’ voices, in particular, those from underrepresented socioeconomic groups;

  • Doing research-based advocacy and promoting participatory policymaking on young Europeans’ issues;

  • Training, engaging and mentoring a group of young Europeans to become strong voices in their communities.

Who we are

  • Young people who identify as European

  • Based across the UK

  • Cross party and Brexit-neutral

We are a group of 60+ members and growing. 


Lara Parizotto and Alexandra Bulat are the co-chairs of the Network.

What we expect from you

A passion for migrants’ rights and for young people’s opportunities in the UK.


Follow the Networks rules as per our constitution.

Commitment: you are free to choose which campaigns you wish to contribute to. You can choose to do more on our research or our social media tasks.


Volunteers are expected to attend at least one volunteer meeting a month and dedicate at least half an hour a week to tasks of the Network.

There are different levels of involvement: 


  1. Supporter. Joining our mailing list for regular updates. This is useful for those who wish to keep in touch with campaign developments and attend one-off events and activities.

  2. Volunteer. Volunteers are committed to attending meetings on a regular basis and completing tasks to advance the campaigns. Volunteers are expected to attend at least one meeting a month, unless agreed otherwise and are expected to spend at least 30 minutes a week on tasks.

  3. Committee. At Annual General Meetings, a maximum of 10 members of the Committee will be elected. They will meet at regular volunteer meetings with all volunteers but will be called to vote on specific issues/campaigns after consultation with the wider volunteer group. To be elected to the Committee, you must have been a volunteer for at least 2 months and have shown active signs of volunteering and attending meetings.

Get involved


The Young Europeans Network is currently engaged in the Our Home Our Vote Ambassadors Programme. You can find out more about the Programme here.

We are not recruiting volunteers at the moment. If you want to find out about any of the projects, email

What's in it for you

  • An opportunity to deepen your knowledge of various issues affecting EU citizens in the UK

  • Help shape the network and see the impact it has on young migrants in the UK

  • Connecting with like-minded activists

  • Opportunities to further skills:

    • Researching and producing briefing papers

    • Campaigning

    • Video editing

    • Social media 

    • Event organising

    • Engaging with politicians

    • Speak to the media

  • Socialise

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How we campaign

  • We produce research briefings

  • We inform politicians on matters that are important to migrants 

  • We deliver monthly informative webinars

  • We campaign on social media

Our history

The Young Europeans started as a research project led by Alexandra Bulat, involving 13 young European peer researchers who worked on a Citizens’ Led Engagement Programme in London. We also produced a documentary highlighting how young Europeans in London access information on citizens’ rights and what their main concerns are.


The Young Europeans’ Volunteer Network was set up in the summer of 2020 to campaign on these recommendations and has grown further.


Social links:

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