What we do 

the3million is the largest campaign organisation for EU citizens in the UK, formed after the 2016 EU referendum to protect the rights of people who have made the UK their home.


We are an organisation for and of immigrants. Instead of letting others represent us, we speak on our own behalf.


We take our name from the estimated number of EU citizens who moved from another member state and have established a life in the UK. Our objectives are to:


  • Defend the right of EU citizens to live, work, study, raise families, and vote in the UK as they do now - whatever the outcome of Brexit.

  • Protect EU citizens’ rights through advocacy in UK and EU institutions, influencing public opinion, and mobilising European and British citizens.

  • Ensure that EU citizens in the UK know their rights and are empowered to stand up for them.


the3million is a not-for-profit organisation, incorporated under company number 11083851 as a limited company by guarantee. We are not party affiliated. We work with MPs and organisations across the political spectrum on the specific issue of protecting citizens’ rights.


We would be unable to keep going without financial backing from our supporters,  donors and foundations, (see logos below). we are also providing up to date information about Settled status on the London Mayor EU Londoners Hub, as part of a public contract. 


If you can afford it, please join our supporters' scheme, or make a one-off donation today.


the3million is run by CEO Nicolas Hatton and led by a steering committee chaired by Maike Bohn, a board of directors chaired by Katia Widlak and a policy & advocacy group led by Luke Piper.




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