What we do 

the3million is the largest grassroots organisation for EU citizens* in the UK, formed after the 2016 EU referendum to protect the rights of people who have made the UK their home.

We took our name in 2016 from the estimated number of EU citizens (at the time) who moved from another member state and established a life in the UK.


We are an organisation for and of immigrants. Instead of letting others represent us, we speak on our own behalf.


Our objectives are to:


  • Protect the right of EU citizens to live, work, study, raise families, and vote in the UK as they did when the UK was part of the EU;

  • Mobilise our community to have a voice and representation;

  • Ensure that EU citizens in the UK know their rights.


Our work ranges from monitoring the implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement, removing barriers to citizenship, informing people of their rights, and giving EU citizens a voice in British society to change the narrative on migration.

Meet the team

the3million is a not-for-profit organisation, incorporated under company number 11083851 as a limited company by guarantee. Our registered address is 9 Bath Buildings, Studio 11, Bristol BS6 5PT.

We operate under a not-for-profit model and you can read our articles of association on this page.

We are funded by our supporters and by foundations (see logos below). 

* We use ‘EU citizens’ as shorthand for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens and non-EU family members with derived rights.

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