the3million is a research partner on the Birmingham University project “EU families and 'Eurochildren' in Brexiting Britain” (
We would like to speak with non-UK EU parents and children (over the age of 16) to find out the impact of Brexit on these families. 
I am aiming to recruit participants mostly from the West and South-West regions of England as well as from Wales (my colleagues are recruiting from other parts of the UK).
If you are interested, or have questions, please send me an email at this address: research[at]
Many thanks!
t3m Research Coordinator



In July 2017, the UK government commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee to investigate what migration could look like. the3million were asked to submit their findings on the issue of freedom of movement. Despite being given little time to perform this task, the3million was able to produce a report which was shared with the MAC which received the information with great interest. You can read the submission by clicking on the PDF icon below.


  "I want to be the one to decide my future"

How EU Citizens experience the process of applying for

the 'permanent residence certificate'  

Earlier in 2017, the3million launched a study into the experience of EU citizens who had been resident in the UK for five years or more, of applying for the permanent residence certificate. The aim of the study was to establish robust evidence about the reported difficulties of applying for the ‘permanent residence’ certificate which many EU citizens had experienced and shared with the3million. The study was conducted by the3million’s co-chair and Research Coordinator Anne-Laure Donskoy.

The report is available here:



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What are other EU countries doing in terms of 'permanent residence' process?

You will find below the results of a quick comparison tool about the 'permanent residence' application process in the other member states.  It was produced with the help of Forum members who kindly contributed to the exercise. It was shared with the Commons Select Committee on Exiting the EU who tasked us with this scoping piece of research. 

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