"Thank you for your amazing work so far. You give us hope."


Dear fellow citizen,


Imagine how it feels not knowing what the future holds for you or your family? How can you create a future for your children when you worry about living in the country you call home? 


the3million is a citizen-led, not for profit organisation, and was established following the UK’s decision to leave the EU to represent the interests and voices of those EU citizens impacted. the3million operates the Forum of EU citizens, with over 43,000 members and benefits from a strong reputation for policy briefings, media coverage and political reach in Westminster and in Brussels.

We successfully campaigned for scrapping the £65 application fee for Settled Status and have changed Government policy. We provide a support network to millions of EU citizens living in the UK and their families. We work with politicians, embassies and governments to monitor our rights and we rely on donations like yours to do this work.
We are holding the Government to account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We take no breaks. Please support us.

Kind regards,
Nicolas Hatton is a founder member of the3million



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