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I have settled status but left the UK. How long can I be away without losing my status?

With settled status, you have a five-year absence allowance, so as long as you come back within those five years, even for a brief period of time, you can ‘reset the clock’ on your settled status.

There is no definitive guidance on how long someone needs to return to the UK in order to reset their 'absence clock', but we have been informed that a simple visit back to the UK is sufficient - we are following up on this with the Home Office as there is no documentation we can refer to, this was based on meetings and insight from lawyers. 

Obviously careful evidence must be retained of returning back to the UK, so that you can demonstrate you were never out of the UK for more than a continuous five years. We are investigating this further and will update our content as soon as we have more details.

More information on how absences affect your status can be found here:

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