I have (pre-)settled status. What happens when my passport expires or I change my details?

Your (pre-) settled status remains valid even if it is linked to an expired passport. If you decide to renew your passport, then you are advised (though this is not mandatory) to update your passport or identity card details on the EU Settlement Scheme website to ensure your current ID is linked to your status. Once you’re logged onto the system to view your status (https://www.gov.uk/view-prove-immigration-status), you will be able to click ‘update your details’ as well as ‘prove your status’ to someone. You can also go directly to https://www.gov.uk/update-eu-settlement-scheme-details to update your details.

You should update your details when your ID details change, but also if your name or other details, such as email and phone number change. There are similar steps to take online as when you check your status. You go to the website, click ‘start now’, input the details of the ID you used when you did your application, your date of birth, after which the system will send a verification code to your phone or email. It is therefore important that you do not change your phone number and email address at the same time!

After the code is verified, you will be asked which details you need to update. You can update your mobile phone number, email address, name, identity document and address in the UK. You click on which detail you want to update and you can follow the steps to fill in the online form with the new details.

We are aware that many people have reported delays in ID updates taking effect, so that even after the Home Office says their settlement status has been updated, they can still only access their status through their old ID. We therefore wrote to the Home Office about this - you can read the letter here. Their response can be found here. The View & Prove guidance section on Travelling in and out of the UK says “If you have told us of a new document but are still awaiting confirmation that your account has been updated, you should carry your old document as well.”