the3million report submitted to the IMA

EU Settlement Scheme - mission accomplished?

the3million has written a report for the new Independent Monitoring Authority (IMA) using its in-depth knowledge and experience to set out the key outstanding points surrounding the implementation of EU citizens’ rights. 

The IMA was launched at 11pm on 31 December 2020. It was born from the Withdrawal Agreement which was negotiated to protect the rights of all citizens who had used their free movement rights to cross the Channel - in either direction - to seek new opportunities and build new lives. 


Where the European Commission will continue to protect the rights of British citizens living in the EU, the new IMA has those same powers and responsibilities to protect the rights of the millions of EU citizens who have made the UK their home. 


It has a tremendous task on its hands given that, despite warm words from the Government, we are far away from calling the EU Settlement Scheme a successful ‘mission accomplished’.

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The IMA is running a survey to measure citizens' rights concerns - we encourage you to take part.

  • In particular, there are several specific areas where the UK is failing in its commitment to the Withdrawal Agreement, and we highlight where these breaches occur.

  • In addition, COVID-19 was obviously not foreseen by the Withdrawal Agreement and is impacting on people’s abilities to apply, or get help to apply, for their crucially important new status. 

  • While the Withdrawal Agreement allows for a digital immigration status, there are many ways of delivering such a digital status and we set out the problems created by the Government’s chosen implementation.

The report contains many recommendations and we hope the IMA will pick these up, investigate and seek solutions.


Solutions to these issues include an extension to the citizens' rights grace period. This will accommodate both those who have yet to apply and those who are waiting, living in fear of how to live their daily lives if their status does not arrive before the June deadline.