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Maike Bohn on Channel 4 News talking about the impact of not having a physical proof of status on 7 June 2021. 

Monique Hawkins giving evidence to House of Lords European Affairs Committee on behalf of the3million on 25 May 2021. 

Why #ProofEqualityNow?

The Government has repeatedly refused to give EU citizens physical proof of their new immigration status. 

EU citizens continue to tell us this is their number one concern.

Now that vaccine certification has come along, the Government is, rightly, looking after those without access to internet, smartphones or technology by allowing them to either download and print a PDF, or ring 119 to get a printed letter. These printed versions have Secure QR Code technology - military grade security against fraud.


So why can’t they do the same for EU citizens?

Why not indeed. Let’s write to MPs, and those members of the House of Lords who supported, with an overwhelming majority, an amendment last October to provide physical documentation to EU citizens (before the amendment was sadly rejected by the House of Commons).


Tips for writing:


  • Keep it personal. In October 2020, our letter-writing campaign was repeatedly praised for the individual, non-templated letters that MPs and members of the House of Lords received

  • Points you could include:

  • ​That Government could do the same for pre-settled and settled status for EU citizens - who currently have to go through a complicated 14-step process to get proof of their status.  You can see a visual representation of that process here: 

  • Allowing status proof to be printed means that family, friends, carers and charities can produce a low cost document for digitally excluded EU citizens to keep.

    This paper by the3million gives more detail. Feel free to include a link to it!

  • The Government is planning to make all immigration statuses digital-only within the next 5 years, so any physical proof will benefit all migrant groups in the UK, not just EU citizens

  • Why having physical status is important (for you personally if you are an EU citizen, or for migrants generally if you are writing in support)

  • Any problems you have encountered with your digital status already, even before the 1 July deadline.

  • If writing to the House of Lords, thank them for supporting Lord Oates’ amendment to the Immigration Bill last October. (If you are interested in more detail, see here for the debates, and here for the votes)

  • Example letters:

    • Examples of letters to write: here

  • How to find their email addresses

    • The easiest way to find your MP’s email address is through using your postcode.

    • We have put together the list of names and email addresses of supporting members of the House of Lords which you can find here

  • Please tell us you’ve written!

  • And finally, tweet your MP!

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