Photograph by Rick Findler
162 questions to the Home Office


10 April 2018 (Updated 16 July 2018)


We have published a list of 162 questions to the Home Office about settled status (updated from 128 questions in April to 162 questions in May, following feedback from members) and we have received no reply from the Government yet. 


These are not trick questions or difficult questions. They are just questions we need answers to, so we can have confidence in the Government's application scheme.


Based on the Statement of Intent, 19% of the questions have been answered, using a similar traffic lights system to the one used by the UK Government and the European Commission when they were publishing updates about the negotiations on citizens' rights.


You can download our latest version of the 162 question by clicking on the image above or by clicking on this link.

The 162 questions are classified in 16 categories:

1. Criteria for settled status applications
2. Eligibility of Different Groups for Settled Status
3. Details of Application Process
4. UK Pre-Withdrawal Agreement voluntary application scheme (before 29 Mar 2019)
5. Transition Period - Withdrawal Agreement ratified (30 March 2019 - 31 Dec 2020)
6. Grace Period for Settled Status Applications (Jan - Jun 2021)
7. Temporary / Settled status and Citizenship
8. Support, Legal Assistance and Legal Aid
9. Loss of Settled Status
10. Home Office Infrastructure for settled Status 
11. Consequences of rejected settled status applications
12. EU Citizens' Rights and Data Protection Legislation
13. Withdrawal Agreement - UK Legislation
14. The Independent Authority

15. Rights of EU citizens with Settled Status

16. Ambiguity in the Statement of Intent

It is only fair that we get certainty, after being in limbo for over 2 years since the referendum. We need clarity over settled status and it is crucial for all 150 questions to be answered. 

The Home Office asked for these questions during a conversation in January, and we mobilised pro-bono lawyers and volunteers over the following 14 weeks to go through everything we know about settled status to identify what we don't know. It turns out the more we analysed, the less we knew.

Over the coming months, we will publish updates as and when the Home Office replies or when new information is announced by the minister. Obviously, the scheme should not start until all questions are answered.