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The lack of physical proof of our immigration status continues to be one of the most pressing issues for us as EU citizens. 

From 5th April 2022, even more people will be affected, with the digital-only approach being expanded to all migrants in the UK


We proposed a simple possible solution, backed up by EU citizens’ testimony and advice from technology experts.


A whole 9 months after, we have finally heard back from the Home Office. Unfortunately, our solution has been rejected, with a response which includes misrepresentations of our proposal but fundamentally does not acknowledge the problems with their own digital only approach.

What is the government proposing in return, to provide millions of EU citizens with peace of mind through a physical backup to our immigration status? Nothing.

We have addressed every concern through our response to the government and have written to Immigration Minister Kevin Foster asking for meaningful engagement on our proposal.

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This is how the UK’s digital status works for millions of EU citizens since 1st July 2021

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This is how it could work for them – a simple, safe physical document, respecting data privacy rights

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#FixTheDigitalStatus debate in the House of Lords

On 8th March 2022, the House of Lords debated amendment 79 to the Nationality and Borders Bill, submitted by Lord Oates, raising the problem of digital only status.


Peers received hundreds of letters from concerned EU citizens sharing their issues, organised through our campaign in the anticipation of the debate. 


Although the late hour the amendment was debated at, and illness, led to there not being enough votes in support. However, the powerful debate continues to keep physical proof of status on the agenda. 


Thank you to all of you who wrote to peers.

It is your voices that keep fueling this debate, bringing attention to the issue. And your stories have been heard loud and clear, with members drawing attention to the hundreds of letters which flooded their inboxes. Putting continuous pressure on the Home Office makes a real difference.

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Lord Oates, who tabled Amendment 79, made a powerful speech highlighting the unnecessary difficulties lack of physical proof is bringing to people’s lives.

Baroness Shackleton acknowledged the myriad of problems which EU citizens have shared with her through the letter campaign: issues travelling, renting, at work or accessing the NHS.

Lord Clancarty raised the fundamental problem: the government refuses to admit physical proof is a necessity, despite the plentiful evidence we have all shared.

Lord Hannah of Chiswick reminded everyone that the House of Lords European Affairs Committee took evidence for their citizens’ rights report last year, and that the Committee had unanimously - across all parties and none - recommended making physical proof of status available.

Have you, your family or anyone you know experienced problems proving status?

Please fill in our "Report it" form. Your reports help inform our advocacy and campaigns. 

“Not having physical proof of status has lost me a job opportunity” (3).png
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