Travelling to the UK from abroad



If we go on holiday, will we face any problems when coming back to the UK? I am outside the UK – will I be allowed to enter the UK?

Information on this page shows details of the right to enter the UK for those with EUSS status, waiting for status, joining family members and more.


See this Gov.UK website which gives some helpful information but does not always warn that carriers may refuse boarding without valid BRCs/BRPs for non-EU citizens.​


The rules around the right to enter the UK are very complex and depend on many different pieces of legislation. Factors such as your nationality, whether you were living in the UK before 31st December 2020, whether you put in an application to the EU Settlement Scheme before the 30th June 2021 deadline or not, all play a part.


In our guidance document we attempt to capture the different situations people are in, and whether they are allowed to enter the UK. With thanks to Jonathan Kingham, head of LexisPSL Immigration, for his input.

Together with Seraphus we also created a document for advisors which has relevant information.


Proving status when boarding - EEA/Swiss citizens

Guidance from the UK Government to carriers says that:

Carriers are not currently required to check an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen’s immigration status, or their entitlement to travel on a national identity card, when deciding whether to bring them to the UK. They only need to check that they have a valid passport or national identity card”.

However, we have heard of lots of cases where people are asked for proof - so you might like to generate a share code before you travel, print out a screenshot of your online status, and print out your EUSS decision letter.

National identity cards

EEA/Swiss citizens with (pre-)settled status are entitled to travel with their national identity card - see this FAQ for more details. See this FAQ if you’ve applied for EUSS status but are still waiting for a decision.

Updating your digital status with your travel document

When you get a new passport or national identity card, it is advisable to update your digital status with your new identity document. See this FAQ for information. Also see this FAQ about linking multiple identity documents to your digital status.

Visa nationals with an expired, lost or stolen BRC/BRP

Visa nationals should ensure they have a valid, unexpired EUSS Biometric Residence Card (or a Biometric Residence Permit if they have an immigration status outside the EU Settlement Scheme) when they travel.

See this FAQ on information on what to do if you are abroad without a valid BRC/BRP, and you are denied boarding.